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Pot of Gold

Follow the rainbow... to fill your "college pot of gold!"

Step One: FAFSA & Federal Programs
Step Two: State Grants & Scholarships
Step Three: Institutional Scholarships
Step Four: LHS & Local Scholarships
Step Five: Scholarship Search Engines

Helpful Hints Before you Begin:

  • Apply to as many scholarships as you can! Statistics show, on average, you may be awarded 1 scholarship for every 6 competitive scholarships for which you apply. Scholarships are a numbers game….so if you would like to receive multiple awards, expect to apply to at least a dozen or more. While this may seem like a lot of effort, the initial investment of your time can really pay off.
  • Take an extra moment to ensure your scholarship applications are the BEST they can be. Have a parent, teacher, or Mrs. Dallabetta (College and Career Specialist at LHS) review your application materials and read through your essays prior to submission. Remember in a competitive selection process, your application must stand out and impress!
  • Beware of scams. A general rule is it should never cost money to find scholarship money. DO NOT pay any organization or individual to apply for scholarships. Legitimate scholarships NEVER ask for an application fee. Learn more