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Academic Pathway descriptions:
The coursework provided by the academic pathways at Lakeside High School is intended to do a couple of things. First, it provides students with an in-depth look at their chosen area of study. By taking the recommended courses in a pathway, students take classes that will provide a solid foundation for future coursework in their chosen area of study. Secondly, each pathway ensures that the student will meet the minimum requirements for their post-secondary education. Upon completing their academic pathway coursework and graduating, students will have a transcript that will allow them to apply to any post-secondary school of their choice.

The Academic Pathways offered at Lakeside are as follows:

Arts/Humanities: This pathway offers students a wide variety of coursework from which to choose. The focus of this pathway is on the social sciences and the arts. One might consider this the liberal arts pathway. Students who complete the assigned coursework will have an extremely well rounded education.

Business: This pathway offers students the chance to see a variety topics in the world of business. The backbone of any business is in marketing and finance. Therefore, students will take courses related to marketing and accounting. The final course in the sequence focuses on statistics that could influence the business world.

Education: Students that choose this pathway will take coursework that will allow them a greater understanding of human development, psychological development and teaching methods. Once the primary coursework is completed students spend time in our local schools working side by side with teachers at a variety of grade levels. This is a great first step for those students thinking about a career in teaching.

Engineering: Coursework in this pathway will prepare students with a combination of science, math, and technical coursework. Students will take the necessary science and math courses to provide the framework for application of their studies through engineering design courses. Courses in this pathway provide exposure to both civil and mechanical engineering.

Manufacturing: Coursework in this pathway is aligned to give students a variety of technical skills to succeed in the manufacturing industry. Students will develop skills in woodworking, construction, and designs. Once coursework is completed in this pathway, students will be able to enter apprenticeship programs, tech schools, or four-year universities.

Science: Classes in the science pathway have been selected to give students an in-depth understanding of the world of science by offering coursework in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences. Combined with math coursework, students who complete this pathway will have a solid foundation of scientific skills that will allow them to enter post-secondary sciences classes and have success.

General: Coursework in this pathway is for students who are undecided on a specific pathway. Successful completion of courses in this pathway will ensure the student has met the minimum college academic distribution requirements for admission into a 4 year university. Course Descriptions in pdf