Clubs and Activities

 LHS Clubs and Activities

Advisor:  TBD

Lakeside High School's school and class officers provide leadership through the Associated Student Body. They are the voice of the students. ASB is in charge of all assemblies and presenters that come to Lakeside High School. They are responsible for the morning announcements and numerous other fund raisers and activities throughout the year. Once a month, they have a General ASB meeting where representatives from each class, club, and committee come and voice any concerns or general opinions. In order to be an officer, a student must be at least a sophomore at Lakeside High School and participate in a minimum of two semesters of Leadership.

Cheerleading at LHS is an athletic program that is treated like a sport. We have a no-cut JV program, and a tryout Varsity program, both of which are active during Fall and Winter seasons. We support Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, and Mens', Womens' and Unified Basketball.

For more information, please visit the cheerleading website LAKESIDE CHEER.             



Advisor: Mrs. Tara Smith
 DECA is for students enrolled in marketing education classes. It is an organization revolved around students and is designed for leadership and personal development.  DECA is the only student organization operating in all 50 states, the U.S. Territories, and Canada, that attracts people to productive careers in management, merchandising, and marketing. It happens to be a co-curricular organization serving as an integral part of the classroom instructional program.


Lakeside freshmen get extra time, attention, and advice through our freshmen transition
program Ignite.  Prescreened upper class students are assigned to every single freshman.  These mentors meet regularly with their "mentees" to build positive relationships and to check on school life and class work. Ignite activities range from just having fun together to serious discussions about safe alternatives to parties, drinking, and drugs.


International Club
The Lakeside High School International Club was formed in order to provide an opportunity for students to learn about other countries, their cultures and the people. The exchange students are an essential part of the Club, as they are called upon to share information about their countries. The Club plans activities such as international dinners, dancing, and field-trips to participate in international community festivities.


Knowledge Bowl
 This Club travels across the state competing with other schools in academic contests. 


Math Team
 The math team is a group of mathematically inclined students who will, by using their superb arithmetic skills, compete in several competitions against other schools throughout the year. The competitions are concentrated in the areas of pre-calculus, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. At the competition, the students first take an individual test to detect their general math skill. After the time limit expires, the team competition starts. During the competition, the students split into their separate small teams and compete against another school in a contest focused on speed.


POWER Program

Lakeside High School administration, teachers, counseling center, parents, and students helped create a program to help all of us create a positive learning community in our school.  Our POWER program will promote and reward students and staff that make positive contributions to our students using the five POWER Principles:  Pride;     Ownership;   Warmth;    Encouragement;   Respect 

As a reminder and positive way to show support for the POWER Principles, students and staff are invited to sign the POWER Pledge: 

 I promise to apply the POWER Principles at Lakeside High School, while participating in any school activity, or while attending any school-sponsored event. 

Pride:   I will take pride in myself, others, and my school. 
:  I will take responsibility for my actions and attitude.  I will care for others and my school.  I will hold others accountable to the POWER Principles, seeking adult help if needed.
:  I will create a warm school community where all students, staff, parents are welcome.  I will help care for others.
:  I will set and seek personal, academic, and professional goals.  I will motivate and encourage others to improve themselves and meet their goals.
I will respect myself, others, and the learning environment of my school.  I will treat others with dignity and carefully confront behavior that degrades others.