Paying for College

Funding your future education, whether you plan to attend community college, a four-year university, or a vocational program, will likely require multiple financial sources. Regardless of where it comes from, all funds can be stacked, so it is in your best interest to explore all the financial pathways available to you.


Take these five steps to fill your "college pot of gold!"

Pot of Gold

 Step 1: FAFSA & Federal and State Grants
 Step 2: WA State Scholarships
 Step 3: Institutional Scholarships
 Step 4: LHS & Local Scholarships
 Step 5: Scholarship Search Engines


Helpful Hints Before You Begin:

  • Apply to as many scholarships as you can. On average, students are awarded one scholarship for every six applications submitted. Since scholarships are a numbers game, plan to apply to at least a dozen.
  • While this may seem like a lot of effort, the initial investment of your time can really pay off! In many cases, you will be able to utilize the same recommendations and repurpose essays with a few tweaks. 
  • Don't overlook the smaller-dollar scholarships. These usually have less competition, and four $500 scholarships turns into $2,000.
  • Ensure your scholarship applications are the BEST they can be to stand out and impress the selection committee. Build in extra time to have a parent, teacher, or Mrs. Perry in the LHS College and Career Center review your application materials and essays prior to submission.
  • Beware of scams. As a general rule, it should never cost money to find or apply to scholarships. Also be wary of any organization that asks for sensitive information, such as your Social Security Number or banking details. Awarded funds are generally released directly to the educational institution in your name. You will be asked for additional information if you are selected. Follow these tips from to avoid common loan scams