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Our Recruiters for the 2022-23 School Year

U.S. Navy

Your Recruiter: Angel Flores

Navy Recruiting Station Spokane
Offce: 509-484-1731 Cell: (509) 520-4621 Fax: (509) 483-4775

[email protected]

Navy Website

U.S. Air Force

Your Recruiter: SSgt. Kathleen Crew

Office: 509-922-4669

Cell: 509.998.0801

Email: [email protected]

Airforce Website

U.S. Army

Your Recruiter:

SSG Smith Jesse R.

U.S Army Recruiter

Spokane North Recruiting Office

Email- [email protected]

Cell- (509) 873-1305

Army Website

Washington Army National Guard

Your Recruiter: SGT Vazquez, Gabriela

Washington National Guard
Office: (509)867-3020 (509)-863-8282

[email protected]

National Guard Website

U.S. Marine Corps

Your Recruiter: SSgt Anthony Clate
United States Marine Corps
Spokane, WA 99216

Office: 509-926-2710

Marines Website

U.S. Coast Guard

U. S. Coast Guard Website